Fun Math Games for Kids

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LABO Skii 8 \ Couro isolado 10557 Constru莽茫o imperme谩vel Inverno de B077YC9TWJ sola de borracha Botas Snow Skii Tamanho 102A2-Black- 8 - 2ebac85
Math + Games = Fun + Learning (The Secret Formula for the 21st Century Math Classroom)
Are you a math teacher looking for a way to get your students engaged and excited about learning math?
My Elementary and Middle School Math Games are a fun and challenging context in which students interact cooperatively or competitively to achieve a defined goal within a specified set of circumstances while learning or practicing math skills.
Math games are a great tool to involve parents, guardians, siblings and other important people in the child’s life. It is a great way to facilitate the home and school connection..
"Mathematics should be fun."
-- Peter J. Hilton
"I have used many of your activities in our SES math tutoring program. We have students from grades 3 through 8, and offer small group and individual instruction. Not only are your activities motivating for the students, they are easily adaptable for skill level as well as applications. "
-- Cindy Price - Supplemental Education Services Coordinator
"MathFileFolderGames has a wonderful collection of resources that support both my students' and my needs. The games motivate the students to practice and to reinforce their skills in a way they really enjoy. The collections have enough variety that I can offer them more than one game choice for many of the skills. As their teacher, I use them to assess the students' learning and to differentiate. As a "bonus", the games are easy to set up and to prepare. The collection is continuously growing so it is getting harder to NOT find a game to support whatever topic I am teaching ~~ I think I have every game they have created for Grade 3 and up!!"
-- Lynne Menechella, Grade 5-8 Teacher
"I have already referred you to friends and talked about what a lifesaver you have been for my kiddos who finish assignments or assessments and need some stimulation (not from the computer) you have also inspired my kids to create their own game boards as well."
-- Maria Zappia, Grade 4-4 Teacher
Please excuse me for being so excited. But I'm giving you the opportunity to buy everything in my store, every one of my printable math games & math products, for one price. And it's the best price I could possibly offer you.
I have a HUGE surprise (BONUS) so make sure you read to the end!!!
AND before I tell you what the price is, let me describe for you a bit of what you'll be getting.
Over 500 math games, activities, posters, and fun worksheets. If you've ever used any of my games in your classroom, you'll know how incredibly fun and effective they are. Soon I'll tell you about something I'm adding to this to make it an even sweeter deal.
But first, here are some of the math bundles that you may have seen before. Each of them is filled with a wide variety of games and activities you can use to make every class a math playground.
And I've got more bundles in addition to these. These math game packages consistently get perfect 4.0 ratings from you, my wonderful teaching community. I deeply appreciate that you are here right now. And thank you again if you've bought anything from me before. I love to know that your students are learning to love math through playing games. It truly is the best way to learn!
But, I want to talk a bit more about a couple of the bundles on the list above. Remember, that list is not comprehensive of everything you would get when you Buy My Entire Store! That list alone would make the single price worth it. But you'll be getting EVERY math product I've ever created. And a bit more. Like I said, I'll tell you about that later on.
The Buy My Store Bundle is Comprised of 5 Main Sections
plus everything else that doesn't fit in these 5 sections 🙂
  • File Folder Games
  • Focus on Series
  • Posters & Anchor Charts
  • Fun Worksheets
  • Math Newsletter
File Folder Math Games
What is a File Folder Math Game?
A File Folder Math Game fits in a folder making it easy to use and ready at a moment's notice. Very few other items are required. You'll need to construct or reproduce the included game boards and have playing cards and dice handy. A few games use other types of geometric manipulatives that are standard items in most elementary and middle school classrooms.
These value-packed printable math games will give your students so much fun they'll forget they're actually learning mathematics! But don't be fooled. Just because games are exciting doesn't mean that they're not built upon solid educational benefits.
These games also offer teachers another benefit. They align to the US Common Core Standards and Common Core Mathematical Practices.
By using File Folder Math Games at home or in your classroom with your elementary, middle school, or high school kids, you can provide them with hours of fun-filled learning time. And the best part is you'll get into the spirit and enjoy yourself, too!
Here's what a few teachers had to say about the file folder printable math games so far:
"How did I every teach without these! Thanks for creating games that make my students smile when they practice their math skills."
"This is a great resource. I was able to find games that supported both my 7th and 8th grade math classes!"
-- Emily D.
"My kids loved the few games I purchased so much, I decided to just get the lot. I gave out copies to pairs of kids and they rated which ones they wanted to do first. We now have File Folder Friday"
-- Susan M.
"I love this, I'm always looking for games that reinforce skills for my struggling learners. I use them for stations. Thanks!"
-- Karen C.
"This is a great assortment of games that are fast and two the point and provide conversation between students about the topic."
-- tejackson
"EXCELLENT resource! Each game is quick and easy- can be done as a anticipatory activity and/or closing activity. Thank you!"
-- Karen Vallone
"Students really enjoyed using these games. Have only used a few but the overall response was 100% positive."
-- Brianna B
"I feel like I just hit the jack pot! Thank you for this great resource!"
-- Hodges Herald
"I'm soo glad to find folder games for middle school! "
-- Hannah Wyss
"Contains some great resources for intermediate math centers! "
-- Isabel Loveluck
"Wow, what a great deal! The games are fantastic and simple to learn!"
-- Teaching the Gifted
"I have only used three of the games from this pack and my kids ask for more. So much fun and learning wrapped into one product! Well done and thank you! "
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-- Teachercynzg
"I am so glad to see these for older students! Thank you so much for sharing."
-- Amy AllenMike
"This is a fantastic set! My 7th grade students love these games, and I love hearing the appropriate mathematical conversations that are the result of their "play". "
"These are just what I was looking for--standards-aligned and ready to go! My students are going to love these! Thanks so much!"
-- Melissa E.
"I love these to reinforce my lessons!"
-- Stacie R.
"My students have really enjoyed these games. Thanks!"
-- Jennifer C.
"My students will really enjoy this!"
-- LaTonda T.
"Excellent resource! I am excited to use these with my 6th graders!"
-- Danielle O'Haren
"These games have completely transformed my classroom. The kids love them. They are easily prepared and they allow students to practice concepts in a fun, engaging way."
"Love these Math Folder Games. Students will love playing the games while they are learning and practicing Multiplication and Division!"
-- Geoffrey N.
"Already started using some of these activities and my kids love them! Thanks!"
-- Kristen C.
"Great source!! Can't wait to make these!"
-- Stacie Champion
"I started to look though the books and the great thing I have noticed is that all the games are hands on. These will be great for my resource math kiddos."
-- Cynthia W.
"This is amazing! Thank you so much!"
-- Anita B.
"Love math games! I can't wait to use these with my students!"
-- Kristi Zoerhof
"I am so excited to get these games printed and ready for my kiddos to use."
"Amazing hands on resource. Cant wait to use them :)"
Focus On Math Series
Focus On Place Value
Focus on Place Value bundle is a downloadable bundle of 28 place value games and activities to teach place value for kids in second to sixth grade. An excellent resource for teachers and homeschooling parents, Focus on Place Value can help students
Focus on Mental Math
Mental math resources aren’t always easy to find. That’s where this bundle is ready to help. This collection of 25 mental math games and activities is perfect for helping students break away from the pencil and calculator and start doing math
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Who Needs Help with Integers? Math is fun and we have just the tools to prove it! Are you looking for a new way, a fun way to help your students master the wonderful world of integers? Over 26 printable integer games and activities, this set includes an array of activities, board games, riddles, card sets and more.
Focus On Geometry

LABO Skii 8 \ Couro isolado 10557 Constru莽茫o imperme谩vel Inverno de B077YC9TWJ sola de borracha Botas Snow Skii Tamanho 102A2-Black- 8 - 2ebac85 -

Focus On Geometry is an excellent new resource of fun geometry games to help children in 2nd through 8th grades learn and understand geometry in a fun and memorable way. Perfect for teachers, tutors and homeschooling parents, Focus On Geometry offers 28 different geometry games and activities.
Focus on Measurement
I think teaching measurement should be fun because there are so many real world questions kids ask every day that are answered using the vocabulary and concepts of measurement. How big am I? How tall? How much do I weigh? How about her? There are 28 Measurement games and activities in all.
Focus On Solving Equation Games & Activities
This Focus on Solving Equations bundle consists of 31 solving equation games and activities included in the bundle designed to help students learn the concepts of algebra while showing them how to solve algebraic equations and expressions through solving basic equations, two-step equations and equations with variables on both sides.
Focus On Fractions
50 Fraction Games and activities to Play With Your Students!!(These are not the same as the fraction games mentioned above) When teachers are asked to name a mathematical concept that is often difficult for students to grasp, what do you think their answer is? One concept that always surfaces as a road block in mathematical development is fractions. The teaching of FRACTIONS is a major bottleneck in mathematics education that can really slow students down. If they don’t grasp fractions, it can hinder their learning of future concepts.
Math Posters & Anchor Charts
Many teachers find my math posters/anchor charts to be immensely helpful. These are especially effective for establishing math vocabulary. They are consistent visual reminders. You get:- 28 Fraction Charts and Fraction Posters with Cards for Students Math Journals
- 8 Place Value Posters/Anchor Charts with Cards for Students Math Journals - 17 Multiply and Divide Posters/Anchor Charts with Cards for Students Math Journals - 11 Addition & Subtraction Anchor Charts/Posters with Cards for Students Math Journals - 18 Measurement = Math Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students Math Journals - 13 Integer Posters/Anchor Charts with Cards for Students Math Journals
(And More, actually there is 147 math poster and counting)
The "Decimal Place Value Chart" is very popular. You know that learning place value is tricky when you're first trying to understand it. This poster is an eye-catching guide to teaching the idea behind the powers of ten. If you make it sturdy and laminate it, students can use dry erase markers to practice over and over again. We got another great idea from a teacher who purchased it. She made a full-sized anchor chart to display in the class and she also shrunk it to 85% for each student's interactive notebook. One of the great things about this community of ours is how many great ideas get shared. Share yours!
The "Horse to Fly" trick is something I've had great success with teaching younger students the difference between multiplication and division. They visualize going from small to big and back the other way. The accompanying mnemonic poem goes:
"Horse to fly, multiply.
Fly to horse, divide, of course."
One teacher said, "Love this! Nice and easy to understand and a great visual!"
Another math poster that's very helpful for younger students is, "Key Words Used in Math Word Problems." It displays dozens of words related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Also included is a 24inch x 36inch (poster size) JPEG file, so you can get the actual poster printed. Just take to your local copy shop and have it printed in poster size.
So, at this point you would be right to think that getting over 500 math games, activities, posters and cards would be a steal and you would be right!!
Earlier, I mentioned that I have a special surprise that makes that deal even better. But, I like it so much I'm going to wait until the end to tell you about that one.
Monthly Math Newsletter
In the meantime, I want to share with you what I believe is the real secret to getting kids to fall in love with math. It's not just math games. There's something that we need to add to them. Yes, I love math games and I truly believe that kids learn much more quickly and effectively with the games and all the other things you'll receive when you Buy My Entire Store!But the secret sauce that makes students fall in love with math, like I did when I was a kid, is to have them play these math games with their parents; and other "big" people in their lives (grandparents, aunts and uncles, older siblings and cousins).
Parents want to be intimately involved in their children's education. So, how can we make that happen?
I've created "The Monthly Math Letter" to help answer this very question.
The math newsletter consists of a single-sheet double sided, easy-to-read newsletter that is filled with new ideas you give to parents to help them play the role that gives their children the "secret sauce" to loving math. We send you a black-line master that you photocopy and give to your students to take home.
So, let's recap what you'll get when you Buy My Entire Store.
Every printable math game and activity I've created until now, including:
  • The File Folder Math Games
  • All of the posters/anchor charts
  • Fun Worksheets
  • All of my other "Focus On Math" bundled packages
All of my posters/anchor charts and cards
The Monthly Math Letter
All for the crazy low price! The games and posters alone will cost you less than two-cents each. When you add to that all of the new ideas you will get from the newsletter that gets distributed to each of student's family every month - well, not to be coy, but you can do the math.
This really is just about the best value I could possibly give you.
Just about.
So, here is the real kicker I've been promising I would tell you about.
Not only do you get everything I just listed for you, including every printable game I've created until now.
I will give you every printable math product I create in the future.
Yes, that's right. Every printable math game, activity, poster, and card I make from now on is yours.
This truly is the best package I can possibly make for you. Because even though it still costs you money now, per product, it's incredibly cost effective. And you will continue to get many of my best new ideas indefinitely.
Every math product I've ever made and ever will make, along with the math newsletter.
It truly is a gift that keeps on giving.
Oh, one more SURPRISE/BONUS! You can share this with your ENTIRE SCHOOL!!!! You get a school license when you purchase this MEGA Bundle.
Instant Lifetime Membership
Allows ONE SCHOOL to unlimited access
to all printable resources on the site.
Only $497 for life!
LIMITED TIME (today only) 80% OFF
Pay with a credit card and become a member instantly.

Click here to Buy

Checks or Purchase Orders
Special Prices do NOT apply with Purchase Orders
Put us to the test! Use these math games for up to 90 days, risk-free. If for any reason you or your students are not completely satisfied, return the product for a full refund.
Just drop me a line to take advantage of our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
The membership site that hosts all my products (and all future products) is, Dropbox will also be used extensively. After Purchasing your license, you will be sent login information that you will use to access the materials. (please contact me if you have any questions!)
I wasn’t sure how much of the content would apply to middle school/sixth grade. I discovered most of the material would/could apply to my sixth grade classes. I really like the posters. They address the concept without a lot of extra fluff. Three benefits about this product are, the games. I can use them for either whole class or interventions as needed. The integers folder has been a great resource for my kids that are struggling. The equations folder was a Godsend, as the IT crew deleted all my equation materials this past summer. I would recommend purchasing it. You get SO much for your purchase price. Every time I look at the Dropbox files, I find something new to use or I come across something I overlooked. It’s been a great resource since my district doesn’t have textbooks.

Mike Millard – Anadarko Oklahoma, 6th Grade Math Teacher

"I was concerned about the price and how much I might use these games for my classroom. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to incorporate these games in to my classroom time. They are very easy to set up and use. Yes, I would recommend this product as a way for students to have fun and learn at the same time... often without realizing that is happening."

Nancy Henson - San Antonio TX, High School Special Education Math

"Definitely the cost of the product. I was worried about spending so much money and then not using the product. I use it often! I love that there isn't just games, there are strategy posters and a variety of other resources. My students love playing the games and I often send home the strategy posters, for example in multiplication and division, so that if they get stuck on something, they can refer to the poster. There is so many options. As a new teacher, I am not set in a single grade and keep moving around so I liked that even if I move grades again, I can still use this resource. I also like how the games, posters etc. match the Alberta Program of Studies. As a teacher in Alberta, I often find most resources are made for the United States and not all the information applies to students and teachers in Alberta. Three benefits that stand out: 1. Engaging math games related to every math strand that my kids can play daily. 2. I teach a combined grade 4/5 class and I like being able to teach one grade while my other grade plays math games that relate to what I am teaching. 3. It is very user friendly. My grade 4s and 5s are able to understand the instructions and get to playing right away. Yes! The games are incredible and there is more than just games. There are so many different tools to make your math classroom a lot of fun! The games do take a ton of time to set up, however. It is worth it in the end, but there is a lot of cutting and laminating."

Alexandra C, BEd - Alberta, Grade 4/5

Instant Lifetime Membership
Allows ONE SCHOOL to unlimited access
to all printable resources on the site.
Only $497 for life!
LABO Skii 8 \ Couro isolado 10557 Constru莽茫o imperme谩vel Inverno de B077YC9TWJ sola de borracha Botas Snow Skii Tamanho 102A2-Black- 8 - 2ebac85
LIMITED TIME (today only) 80% OFF
Pay with a credit card and become a member instantly.

Click here to Buy

Checks or Purchase Orders
Put us to the test! Use these math games for up to 90 days, risk-free. If for any reason you or your students are not completely satisfied, return the product for a full refund.
Just drop me a line to take advantage of our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
The membership site that hosts all my products (and all future products) is, Dropbox will also be used extensively. After Purchasing your license, you will be sent login information that you will use to access the materials. (please contact me if you have any questions!)
So how does this exactly works:
As I add new products to my store, this price will go up, but those who have already purchased will always be able to download the new products for free! No additional purchase necessary.
This purchase allows unlimited use in ONE SCHOOL.
The files are too big to upload, so you will need to have a Dropbox account to download the files. Once you purchase, you will be given directions to access them.
1) How will I know when there are updates? I will be emailing you when I have added a significant update (You will need to join a special mailing list for these updates)
2) What's included? EVERYTHING in my store that's downloadable (PDF, JPEG...).
3) Will the price increase? Yes, the price of the bundle may increase as I add more resources. However, if you purchase it now, you will receive all future updates for free.
4) Does this include your iPad apps? Sorry but no, my iOS apps are sold on a different platform (Apples iTunes) so will not be included.
5) Does this include your Physical Products (books, cards, posters... things shipped in the mail)? No, sorry this is for only digital copies, usually in PDF or JPEG format that you can print off on your own copier.
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